Questions & FAQ's

What can I expect during my first private session?


New clients can expect a 50-55 minute session beginning on the Mat or Reformer, and then transitioning to one or more Pilates apparatus and finishing with standing wall exercises. You will be guided through a series of foundational Pilates exercises, helping you achieve safe and stable movement.

How long will it take for me to see results?


In 10 sessions you will feel a difference; in 20 sessions you will see a difference; and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.’ 

Joseph Pilates made this now-famous ‘Pilates promise’ after repeatedly witnessing the dramatic results his own clients experienced when working with him consistently on a daily basis.  Even though daily Pilates may not be practical for everyone, you can still achieve remarkable results by establishing consistency in your workouts. Starting with your first private session you will be given careful instruction that facilitates your safe transition from private sessions to more affordable group classes and/or private at home study, making more frequent workouts possible. With the right balance of apparatus sessions and mat classes that accommodates your goals, budget and lifestyle you will feel the difference, gradually see the difference, and eventually experience ‘a whole new body’

What if I don’t feel that I’m doing it ‘right’?


There is no pressure to ‘do it right’.   As with any new practice, Pilates takes varying numbers of sessions to ‘get it,’ though clients immediately reap the benefits simply by moving through the exercises. Over time, your range of motion and ability to approach the ideal versions of the exercises will improve.  Most important, Pilates is not about performance – how high, how big and how beautiful. It is about executing the exercises with mindful intent to improve function and strength.

How often should I study Pilates?


You can study once, twice, or several times each week.  The Pilates Loft strives to accommodate whatever you can fit into your schedule and your budget. Many clients come in for their private sessions, but also attend a group class and/or supplement their practice on their own.   As you become familiar with your Pilates workout, you will be able to practice at home, and will continually get even more out of your in-studio classes.

How will Pilates address my individual fitness needs and goals?


Whether we sit in front of a computer all day or subject our bodies to repetitive physical motions, gravitational force affects our spines. When the muscles that support our spines are weak or tight, our bodies compensate and added stress is placed on our bones, joints and soft tissues. We experience this stress as tightness, stiffness, soreness and pain. Pilates addresses the needs of all bodies by strengthening the core musculature that supports the spine and pelvis. 


Yet while every ‘body’ is alike in its basic functioning, no two bodies are structurally alike or have the same history of movement, stress, injury and weakness.  This is addressed by modifying the foundational exercises and by incorporating specially chosen exercises that speak to your individual needs.  As you flow through the movements, you will become more conscious of how your body feels, how it works in space, and what movement patterns the body habitually chooses.  By developing proper technique, your body can be re-trained to move more efficiently and safely, creating proper alignment, coordination and balance.

Individualized instruction can still be achieved in groups since clients can execute the same exercises with appropriate modifications, thereby personalizing their workouts. 

What should I wear?


Comfortable but fitted clothing is recommended.  Body movement should be easy to observe in order to ensure the exercises are being performed safely and with proper form. No shoes are needed and socks are optional.