Erika Bentsen

Erika has been teaching Pilates in Manchester Center since 2008, with over 17,000 hours of experience instructing Pilates.

As a former ballet dancer she was first exposed to the Pilates Method in 1989 at SUNY Purchase where she received a BFA in Dance.  SUNY Purchase is home to one of the first Pilates satellite studios which Romana Kryzanowska opened in 1976 and is still operating with some of the original apparatus developed by Joseph Pilates and Gratz! Erika was immediately drawn to the structured environment of Pilates, the natural progression of exercises, and the graceful fluidity of the movements.  

The study of body mechanics and movement is simply an instinctive part of Erika's being, reaching as far back as her memory can take her.  She trained at the Joffrey Ballet School throughout childhood and extensively with dancers from NYC Ballet, American Ballet Theater and Martha Graham.

Rediscovering Pilates after having a child and experiencing it from a completely different perspective from the first time was transformative and would further shape her teaching style.   Reminiscent of college, she again trained with a Romana's Pilates instructor before becoming classically certified by Power Pilates® in NYC.  

    Beyond being an invigorating workout, Pilates to Erika is preventative care that nurtures the mind, body and soul.  It prepares you for the rigors of your life and it works for everyone!  Knowing there is always more to learn about the complexities of the human body, Erika believes the focus must forever be about growing your knowledge. For this reason, she regularly attends specialized courses and workshops to continually expand her expertise -- seeking out master instructors from different Pilates lineages while emphasizing the classical line.

Erika teaches with compassion, knowledge and experience to students of varying ages, athletic backgrounds, health conditions and fitness levels. Her instruction is lighthearted yet deep with the goal of providing the highest level of individualized training.  Erika brings a smile and positive energy to every session and is convinced Pilates can make an extraordinary impact in all her clients' lives, just as it has in hers.