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Who should do Pilates?

Everyone should and can do Pilates.   

Men and women of any age, any level of fitness or lack of fitness. 

Athletes who want to boost performance; Skiers, golfers, cyclists, runners, dancers.  Those who play soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey... all will see an improvement in performance, injury prevention and recovery.

People who want to alleviate back pain, neck pain, injuries or physical limitations will find Pilates is versatile and adaptable to their individual needs.  Whether you are seeking a challenging workout or want to ease into exercise, Pilates is infinitely adjustable and will meet you at any level! 

  • Create a strong core & workout the entire body
  • Amplify sports performance
  • Increase strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Improve posture, body awareness and balance
  • Learn to move with control 
  • Streamline your silhouette without bulk 
  • Prevent injury and assist with injury recovery

  • Stimulate weight loss 
  • Balance muscle asymmetries
  • Alleviate back pain, neck pain and headaches 
  • Improve spinal health and bone density
  • Increase circulation
  • Address breathing irregularities
  • Boost mental health and memory
  • Revitalize concentration and coordination
  • Recover quickly after pregnancy 

Developing a body that works as a harmonious whole requires much more than a calisthenic or spot reduction approach to fitness. The Pilates principles - control, centering, concentration, breath, flow, and precision all support an integrative mind/body experience.

It isn't necessary to do mindless, boring, repetitive, and exhausting exercises  to achieve spectacular results.   

Pilates enhances, complements and improves all your physical activities.  Plus, with Pilates, you're not likely to suffer undue muscle strain, so there's little risk of injury.

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