The Wonders of Pilates at the Pilates Loft!

I was suffering from pain in my lower back, my hip, and leg and visited a doctor thinking I might need surgery or physical therapy.  Instead, an orthopedic doctor suggested I try Pilates, since it was apparent that the Yoga classes I had been taking were making things worse.  Arching my back was irritating the lower back bones called Facet syndrome,  I had Sciatica, and strengthening my abdominal muscles would balance out my body, correct my posture, and take away the pain.

On my first visit to the Pilates Loft , at the Mat Fundamentals class on Mondays, I was greeted by Erika, who welcomes all body types, and made sure I was keeping my back safe. While I learned how to breathe, and hold my core muscles in place, she talked about the anatomical structure of our bodies, with funny stories mixed in.  I took her private classes to target special needs of my body, and after a short time, my pain went away, and hasn't been back !!

I've been going twice weekly to the Mat classes for four years, and love the community and fun we have while we are making our bodies more healthy and beautiful.  Erika is an amazing teacher, and a wonderful person!

Andrea S. 


My husband and I have been Erika’s Pilates clients for at least 10 years.  Over the 20-odd years we’ve been doing Pilates we’ve used several private instructors and have been in countless mat classes. Erika is one of the best instructors we’ve ever had.  She focuses like a laser on form, making sure everyone understands what they need to do to execute the Pilates exercises properly to get the maximum benefit out of her sessions.  Even in group classes she provides individual attention and makes sure that the Pilates practice is applied to each individual’s goals and physical limitations.  She has all the equipment and props one would find in a large facility, even though her lovely studio is perfect for one-on-one or small group experiences.   Last but not least, her classes are fun!  My husband has focused more on private sessions with her, and I have focused on her mat classes, but we both think she’s wonderful.

Ellen A. & Jay G.

Pilates has made me stronger, has given me flexibility and has helped me deal with my lower back issues.  As my body ages, it has given me the ability to continue to do the recreational things I enjoy.  Skiing, playing tennis and gardening.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have known and being taught Pilates from Erika for 12 + years.  Erika’s attention to detail is amazing.  Her focus is teaching the exercise correctly so you can achieve the maximum benefit of each movement without the risk of injury. 

We are extremely fortunate to have someone like Erika and her studio in our area.

Lillian S.


I have been taking Pilates with Erika at the Pilates Loft for many years. Erika is able to zero in on the elements of the movements so they are performed in a precise manner that strengthens and stretches to enhance balance and flexibility. I have taken classical pilates in 10+ studios, and among the couple of instructors that stand-out, Erika remains the best pilates instructor I have worked with.  I am grateful for Erika's patience as the Pilates Loft was where I began Pilates from zero! Without fail, the next day, I inevitably feel my abs (and other muscles … some of which I rarely use). For me, the strength training and stretching is a perfect antidote to the aches and pains from snow shoeing and downhill skiing. Taking Pilates is now integral to my wellbeing and taking private and group classes at the Pilates Loft in Manchester, VT is the pinnacle.

Nancy L.

Erika is a very talented teacher! She has a detailed knowledge of the Pilates method. She uses just the right amount of support balanced with challenge to keep me progressing. Her cues and hands on corrections make the work much more productive. She also has a great sense of humor and makes the work fun. I have been taking her private lessons and group classes for over ten years.

Cathy T.

Erika is a top notch Pilates instructor! She focuses on correct form for you to get maximum benefit while in class. Her mat classes have a routine to reinforce the Pilates form and the variation comes with the use of different equipment (magic circle, bands, roller) which challenge and keep it interesting. I promise you will be in her studio more than you thought possible. Unlike other exercise regimes, Pilates has strengthened and toned my entire body. My posture is better, my core is stronger and I have flexibility that I didn't think was possible. I go as often as I can and look forward to each class with her.. Finally… breathe! It really does help get you through the hard parts. 

Elizabeth P.


After years of back, neck, and knee problems, I was unable to do any exercises without pain and fear of injury. Thanks to the skilled and patient guidance of Erika, my strength is returning. I’m ecstatic every time I can add one more accomplishment to my “I can do that” list. I’m so grateful that I found Pilates Loft. It has truly been a life changer.

Margo M.

I'm so glad I found Erika and The Pilates Loft!  Erika is the best Pilates instructor I've ever had. She's got an eagle eye for form and figures out how to help you use muscles you never knew you had.  Her classes are fun and motivating.  I'm a part-time local, and I always look forward to taking her classes when I'm in Vermont!

Jill G.


I have been going to The Pilates Loft for over 2 years now.  The results are amazing!   I am stronger and more fit than I was 5 years ago. Erika has even helped me to take 20% off my golf handicap.  My golf pro can’t say that!  I thoroughly recommend The Pilates loft.

John M.

I credit my Pilates classes with Erika as taking at least 25 minutes off of my half iron triathlon time.  Her work on my core allowed me to use my entire body more efficiently.  Her workouts provide for a wide array of abilities to train together and achieve their goals.  Her nuance for detail helped put me through some of the most strenuous and fruitful workouts I have had in the last 10 years. Also, her positive encouragement and confidence in my ability to improve made me look forward to going to her classes. 

Stephen M.

I have been attending classes at Erika’s studio for over 10 years.  It has transformed my life and I am amazed at what core strength can do for every aspect of one’s life. I have found and worked muscles I never knew I had.   Erika is the best instructor I have ever worked with.  Her attention to detail, her ability to encourage gently, to reinforce good practices, while helping to each client to work on their own challenges is remarkable.  She keeps the routines focused and fresh, but also allows for good fellowship and laughter.
I recommend her highly.  Her clientele is devoted and keeps coming back.  

Consie W.


We have been taking Pilates classes with Erika for more than 18 months, averaging 2-3 times per week in the Basic Mat, Tower and solo/duet classes.  The classes have made a big difference in both our core strengths, improved our balance and overall fitness.  The classes are fun, professionally run and always have several new variations on the basic abs and springs work.  A major draw is that Erika is able to effortlessly adjust the regimen to accommodate an individual‘s particular physical idiosyncracies.  We particularly enjoy the duet classes.   Many thanks. 

Rick & Ann J.

Pilates with Erika has impacted my life in so many unexpected ways. Besides the improvement in my posture, flexibility and strength, I no longer hold tension in my neck. This has greatly improved my biking and running. The body awareness that Erika has taught me has translated into improved skiing and swimming. And of course my abdominals are once again visible in my body.

Fern W. 

I have been a Pilates devotee for many years and have been blessed with fabulous teachers…. Erika is one of the most fabulous!  She has tweaked my practice in such a way that I am able to go so much deeper into my body and appreciate Pilates on an entirely new level.

Pam R. 


Pilates with Erika has opened new doors to my physical well being for over a decade. Erika is a dedicated coach who brings a wealth of knowledge along with a beautiful blend of being  calm and focused. 

Sharon G. 


I have been taking classes for about twelve years. Our Pilates class is a lot of fun, a lot of hard work and some giggles. It's a completely non-competitive atmosphere. One is focused on one's own belly button and back. It has been very good for making and keeping my lower back strong, and for someone who has had sciatica, that's important. Another nice surprise is how much better my balance has become and how limber I feel compared to when I started.

Stepp N.

Loved all of my classes during my visit to Manchester, I will be back next summer! Great instructor and lots of fun people, thank you! 


My one on one time every week is very special to me both physically and mentally. She concentrates and corrects even small quirks that could lead to difficult body malfunctions. Erika has a serious background in classic Pilates but is not afraid to personalize your workout, without sacrificing quality.  Over the years, Erika's professionalism and her caring personality have developed into a genuine friendship as well as a wonderful working relationship."

Judi M. 

Erika's space is beautiful! Class is challenging, and she gave thorough corrections to deepen my form. Erika's teaching style and personality made class fun; not intimidating.



My husband and I have been attending Erika's classes for several years. We are in our 70s and consider this an important part of our fitness regime. She provides a warm an welcoming atmosphere in her mat classes. Strength and flexibility are at the center of life at any age. 

Kit C.

The Pilates loft is  the best Pilates studio in this area. The mat classes and personal training are excellent. Erika is a true professional. 

Cathy R.