Mat Fundamentals - is the foundation to the Pilates method.  Focusing on the principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. This class will emphasize the importance of form while developing strength and flexibility. You will challenge your body to create its own resistance, strengthening your "Powerhouse,' or core, while elongating the muscles. This is the perfect class for first timers, beginners or advanced students looking to fine tuning form and deepen their core strength. This class will keep your movements honest! 

Pilates Stretch - includes all core essential Pilates curriculum while incorporating additional stretching exercises in order to jump start your flexibility and relieve tension. This class moves at a slightly slower pace, while giving you a solid "Powerhouse"  workout. 

Open Level Mat - is taught at the intermediate level and is open to students at all levels. While not a class for the first time student, beginners familiar with basic principles and fundamentals are welcome.  Options are offered to modify or advance the work within the same exercise.  As such, people will perform the same exercise but in varied forms, enabling each student to reap full reward from the method. All students can benefit from this  class. If you are a new student who finds this class is offered at times  that work best for you, please contact the studio. We will work with you to make a safe transition into this class. 

Intermediate/Advanced Mat  - Building on Pilates principles, this class provides more flow, advanced cueing, and assumes you are familiar with the basic order and technique of mat classes.  Advanced students attending this class are encouraged to build upon these exercises to challenge their bodies appropriately.


Fundamental Pilates Tower – is the place to begin, or fine tune your tower work. Class emphasis is on control, breath, precision, and posture. This slower paced class focuses on basic body awareness and how to modify to make the system work for you. A great  compliment to your Mat Fundamentals class! 

Pilates Tower – targets the weak or illusive areas of your body uniformly aligning your form and creating muscular balance using flowing movement. Joseph Pilates created all the equipment to act as additional muscles to aid the body on its path to health. The apparatus can both support and challenge the body ensuring proper stabilization and positioning, while providing added resistance for strengthening, toning and lengthening muscles. This is an economical way to experience Pilates on the apparatus while benefiting from the expert eye of the instructor. 

  • Tower - limited to 5 students.
  • 24 hour cancellation.